textile engineering


Tailoring is a strange art. Men’s suit jackets have all these pieces that fit together just so and don’t really like it when you try to fuck around with them.

Axel and I are working on project that will put some small twists on the classic black suit. An idea that resonated with us was a double layer collar, one that can lay flat and appear like a regular notched collar or pop up giving more of a short-collared military look.

It took many hours of rumination and several iterations of mocking up before reaching a clean solution. The right side of the collar is popped up and will lay also down like on the left side. Hurray!

All this men’s wear has made clear the necessity of getting a male dress form. Sorry for the bustiness, Axel.

One Response to “textile engineering”

  1. It has a cool silhouette. I wanna see the details, though! Of course, I can just accost Axel at the wedding 🙂

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