playa costumes


there’s a hole in your future the size of a desert evening…

photo by Cornwell

photo: John Cornwell, model: Toby

struggling to put together a playa wardrobe that properly represents the awesomeness that is you? or maybe the faux fur of your beautiful old standards is no longer flying fun, but flailing flat? and somehow, the neon green leopard print frilly panties at the bottom of the dusty plastic bin just aren’t inspiring you the way they always have before.

we’ve all been there.

good news: i can help! i costume for a living at places like the sf opera and on the road with ‘edward scissorhands.’ come to me with your ideas, your past successes/failures, or just a weather-weary old outfit that you want to breathe some new life to, and i’ll help expand your palette for self-expression.


check out past Playa creations here

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