downtown bound

© 2005 by Beaver Bauer

© 2005 Beaver Bauer for A.C.T.

I’m so psyched for my new position as the Costume Design Assistant at American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.). I start at the beginning of August and will be assisting guest designers from the Bay Area and NY for the entire season. Pretty rad. Rad enough to make the 9-5 schedule worth it, I hope! 1 World and 2 West Coast premieres won’t hurt. 🙂

Maybe I can convince some of my friends to check out more theatre in town. I hear there’s cheap season tickets for teachers and students. nudge nudge.


3 Responses to “downtown bound”

  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. 2 caterina

    congrats, girl! geoff and i already have season tickets, as do john & emily & troy & megan. can we come by sometime after a show and hang out with you? hugs!

  3. awesome! so excited for you guys to be there. we should definitely pick a good show and do a backstage tour.

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