“Quality of Life” on stage



I’m finishing up the costuming for A.C.T.‘s newest production, Quality of Life.  The past 2 months of assisting Bay Area designer Lydia Tanji has been a lovely collaboration.  The show centers around two couples, one a UC Berkeley professor and his poet wife, another a contractor from Ohio and a housewife who loves “Jesus and handicrafts.”  Residing in North Berkeley herself, Lydia’s designs evoked familiar images of those artsy, world-traveler bohemians in the Hills without being too literal.  As a native Kansan, I was happy to provide some insight into Midwest fashion and gave thoughtful consideration when asked “Would your mom wear this?” According to SF Chronicle’s laudatory review,

Lydia Tranji’s [sic] costumes contribute beautifully to our understanding of the couples’ relationships.

The show is running through Nov 23 – I’d definitely recommend checking it out.  An engaging show with some nuanced performances.

Production photos by Kevin Berne

One Response to ““Quality of Life” on stage”

  1. 1 Dad

    Your mom would definitely wear that crap. If fact, I think she’s missing a top. 😛

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