John Guare’s “Rich and Famous”


successOpening night has come of the new show I’m costuming with A.C.T., Rich and Famous .  It’s a pretty silly satire about a not-so-great playwright who really really wants to be famous.  The costumes by Gregory Gale and sets by Scott Bradley are extremely detailed and captured the surreality of the show.  Very 70’s and over-the-top.

The SF Chronicle sets the scene in a recent review:

Not only is Bing Ringling a pretty smooth crooner, with Ashmanskas’ polished song-and-dance chops, but his story is kind of a circus. Scott Bradley’s imaginative set is a midway of sliding stages, billboards and ornate bedrooms against a patchwork of tawdry-festive Chagall-like splotches. Gregory Gale outfits the company in a clown show of ’70s costumes. Three supporting actors create a three-ring extravaganza of caricatures.

Since Gregory is based in NYC, I coordinated the execution of his vision in the A.C.T. shop. My favorite pieces were the starry tunic and sequined caped dress for a disco-era Dante and Beatrice and the hand-painted chartreuse ensemble for the composer Anatol Torah.

Production photos by Kevin Berne and Alessandra Mello

One Response to “John Guare’s “Rich and Famous””

  1. 1 caterina

    hey girl! just saw rich n famous and thought the costumes were the best part. 😉
    loved anatole’s tunic and veronica’s gowns, including the newspaper creation. well done!

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