A Great “Encounter” to Start the Season With



The San Francisco Chronicle just posted a gushing review about the 1st show of A.C.T.’s 2009-10 season, Noël Coward‘s Brief Encounter.  While this is the U.S. premiere of a show that was originally mounted in England by Kneehigh Theatre (so we in the A.C.T. Costume Shop only made small contributions), I hope that the quality of this show represents the beginning of a season of innovative and moving productions.

Here’s an excerpt from the review to persuade you further to go get tickets.  Right now! Before everyone else in town rushes to the box office!

Every so often a theater piece comes to town that is so brilliantly conceived and executed, so entertaining on every level, that you want everyone you love or even like just a bit to see it. Kneehigh Theatre’s “Brief Encounter,” the opening show in the American Conservatory Theater’s new season, is that kind of experience.

Anarchic humor deepens the pain of lost love, and iconoclasm reinvigorates nostalgia in director Emma Rice’s mashup of a classic David Lean film, the wit and melody of Noël Coward and a carnival of vaudeville.

One Response to “A Great “Encounter” to Start the Season With”

  1. 1 raquel

    Good to hear you had a great season start. Hope I’ll get to see a production if I get to San Francisco this season.

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