Featured: Camille and Takeshi in Wedding Nouveau


Camille and Takeshi’s City Hall wedding were featured on Wedding Nouveau in a two-part feature.  My DIY laser cutting designs were the special feature for part 2.
Some quotes:

Camille’s fabulous dress was custom made…that’s right, custom made by theatre costume designer and stylist – Jessica Hinel.  As a theatre artist myself, I deeply understand the value of a costume designer who can tailor a look that supports your body and character, 100%.  But when that level of finesse is brought to your wedding day, well consider yourself “Hooked Up.”

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been so enamored with Camille’s custom made dress, that I had to dig deeper into the vision behind the gown.  How do you go from concept to couture?

Turns out that the designer, Jessica Hinel, is an accomplished costume designer for the theatre and opera.  Fortunately for us, this collaborative maestro of the sewing machine, tailors to unique individuals as well as performers.  Her influence?  Haute couture designers like Issey Miyake to urban hipster life and street fashion.

Not only did she create everything about Camille’s dress, right down to the black floral patterns, she’s also provided instructions on how to laser cut your own design for your dress.

Mind you, there are many huge details left out, such as step 1A:If you’re not a professional, do a trial run first and step 9c: Make sure you’re a “bad ass” designer.  I, for one, don’t fall in the latter category.  To make things a little less daunting and a little more DIY, I did a little research to find solutions to the basic How Tos.  For example, converting to vector….WHAT? Come again?

There is a lot to consider when picking your pattern, but one thing’s certain:  You can be sure that no magazine editorial will claim ownership of your style.  Not to mention, the endless possibilities for linking it to cake designs and other reception details.

I’m grateful that their ceremony has been shared with so many others.  Cam and Tak are 2 of my favorite people and I was so glad to get to collaborate with Cam on a techy dress (appropriate for 2 doctors/scientists).  She didn’t tell him too much about it in advance, only that it was made with *lasers*!

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