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For those of you into DIY, I’ve started an Instructable on Camille and Takeshi’s wedding gown and vest that I designed with graphic patterns made with a laser cutter.  It’s mostly pictures at the moment, but most of you just want to see those anyway.  Contact me if you really do want to make your […]

As a bit of a teaser before I do a full write-up of the gown and vest I made for Camille and Takeshi’s beautiful wedding at City Hall, I’m posting a few diptychs by their outstanding wedding photographer, Alison Bank.  Can you spot the laser-cutting? © Alison Bank,

Styling Stephen


My focus when styling Stephen was to assemble a formalwear ensemble that matched his unique style. Stephen’s comfortable, casual outfits have almost become a uniform for him, over the years.  He is almost always out and about wearing cargo pants and hoodies in a palette of olives and browns. He wears soft, natural textures. The […]

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of contributing to the celebration of my friends Stephen and Mary’s wedding ceremony.  Mary entrusted me with the creation of her gown and Stephen enlisted me as his stylist. Mary and I started discussions of the dress in November after she had tried on a dress which […]

le sigh….


I’m finally taking a breather after all the activity leading up to the wedding last weekend. All told, I had 3 gowns (including the bride’s!), 1 suit, 1 dress, 1 pair of tux pants, and several altered outfits in the celebration. I’ve posted a few candid pics, but posed shots are soon to follow. thanks […]